Baby's Birth - Boy or Girl Specific
(S)He has tiny hands and tiny feet.
A sign of hope . . . A symbol of love . . . We've been blessed with a DAUGHTER/SON a gift from above We joyfully announce the birth of.
From heaven to our hearts and home We are happy to announce the birth of our SON/DAUGHTER
He’s finally here. He finally came. It took us forever to think of his name.
Little boys (girls) are so much fun. We just had another one! Looking forward to the excitement and fun, Announcing the birth of our wonderful son.
Our hearts are filled with joy. We've been blessed with a baby boy!
Our hearts are full of love for BABY'S NAME HE/SHE came to us on DATEwith COLOR eyes, COLOR hair and skin so very fair HIS/HER weight was POUNDS lb. OUNCES oz. HIS/HER length was INCHES Inches Our hearts and home are complete PARENTS
Our lives are filled with love Because we have the baby girl (boy) That we've been dreaming of.
So sweet and neat and such petite little feet! This precious baby GIRL/BOY makes our lives complete PARENTS proudly announce the birth of their DAUGHTER/SON
Sugar and Spice She's made our world nice Buttons and Bows Our pride in her shows!
Ten little fingers and ten little toes two little ears and one little nose Our baby's so perfect, cute and new SHE'S/HE'S left HER/HIS impression on our hearts, too!
The angels gazed upon us and smiled with abundant God so tenderly gave us....our little baby boy
The birth of a child reaffirms the miracle of life PARENTS joyfully announce the birth of their DAUGHTER/SON
There’s a handsome guy we want you to meet...
Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs, nursery rhymes and lullabies. A brand new life has just begun, what fun it is to have a son!
We are delighted to announce the birth of DAUGHTER/SON
We are tickled pink and glad to say, Our little girl was born this day!
We bought a ten-gallon hat and a stick horse to ride when our baby came home to our arms open wide. Announcing with pride and hearts filled with joy . . . We are now the parents of a bouncing baby boy!
We've been blessed with a DAUGHTER/SON!